About Vaughen's

Founded in 1933, Vaughen's Price Publishing Company produces the leading price guide for the electric motor repair and pump repair industry.  With 91 years of experience, Vaughen's has established an unparalleled reputation for expertise in pricing information.  Our dedication to providing accurate, up-to-date prices year after year has resulted in Vaughen's becoming the most trusted name in the industry.

Since meeting our customers' constantly changing needs is a primary goal, we take pride in developing annual enhancements to add value to a Vaughen's subscription.  See What's New to take a look at the many improvements we have made to our products over the last couple of years.

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Vaughen's Price Publishing Company is owned and operated by Donald M. Lammers.  Don has over 40 years of experience in the electric motor repair and sales industry.  If you have any pricing questions or ideas for improvements to our price guide, don't hesitate to call him toll free at 1-800-VAUGHEN (1-800-828-4436).  He is always happy to hear from subscribers.

We think our subscribers best explain our service:

From NY:

"We have been in the motor repair business for 35 years and from the very day we started using Vaughen's Price Guide our business has improved and has been more profitable to us."

From CA:

"We truthfully say now after using your service, we don't know why we didn't subscribe years ago.  It is one of the most essential references in our business."

From OK:

"When preparing a pump quote our employee with over 40 years of experience in pump repairs estimates the repair.  Then I compare the estimate to Vaughen's and 99.9% of the time it is within 2-3% of Vaughen's price.  We just did a 250 HP repair and the price was within a few dollars of Vaughen's.  I really like the changes you made on Vaughens.com."

From MI:

"I really like the book.  I have used it for 25 years.  When I lose a job it is usually because I didn't quote Vaughen's price.  I will send the salesperson back to check with the customer and it is usually the Vaughen's price that got the job!"

From VA:

"When I came into the business recently my Grandfather gave me Vaughen's book on the first day and said here learn this to start."  The Grandson then went on to say "It's the Holy Grail of the industry!"

From TX:

"After I purchased the Guide, I realized that I was not charging for all the work I was doing.  Just one of these inaccurate prices alone paid my annual subscription fee for Vaughen's Price Guide."

From OR:

(Calling to order a replacement Guide after his was lost in a flood.)  "Please ship this right away.  We use Vaughen's Price Guide every day and we're lost without it.  Everyone keeps asking ‘What should I charge?’!"

From Canada:

"Every Canadian electric motor repair shop that uses your Pricing Service will save yearly many times the cost of your service.  We have found it invaluable in pricing our repair and rewinding jobs."

From TX:

"We really like that the Price Guide is now a digital option.  We do everything online these days - it just makes things easier to click on a link and have what we need readily available while quoting!"

From PA:

"I use VAUGHENS.COM every day.  It is so easy, simple and fast.  I use it to do all my pricing both at the shop and at home."