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Price Guide Book - First Product

Provides complete and profitable pricing at your fingertips for all types of AC & DC motors and pumps. Plus, each version includes our Pump Repair Guide with new Pump Pricing, our Labor Hour Standards, and our quarterly Material Costs and Price fax update! Special Offer - Vaughens.com Free for 30 Days!

1/2 to 75 HP Motor and Pump Repair Price Guide BookSave 20%$159 per year$199 per year
1/2 to 600 HP Motor and Pump Repair Price Guide BookSave 20%$399 per year$499 per year
1/2 to 5,000 HP Motor and Pump Repair Price Guide BookSave 20%$582 per year$727 per year

Vaughens.com - First Product

Our online pricing includes all of the prices from Vaughen's Price Guide plus additional pricing for large motors up to 10,000 HP AC and 3,500 HP DC. Use Vaughens.com easy-to-use lookup screens to print, email and save quotes. Also includes: New Shop Labor Hour Report, Labor & Material Price Lists, Pump Repair Pricing, Custom Condensed Price Guides, and so much more!

1/2 to 75 HP VAUGHENS.COM subscriptionSave 30%$129 per year$185 per year
1/2 to 600 HP VAUGHENS.COM subscriptionSave 30%$325 per year$464 per year
1/2 to 10,000 HP VAUGHENS.COM subscriptionSave 30%$473 per year$676 per year